There are way to many recipes and ways of making this drink. Mostly it varies depending on where in the American continent are you sitting, Central, South or North America.

Mexico has its own way and it tends to be one of the most popular recipes out there. Jeffrey Morgenthaler has a post about his way of making his. Read it here: https://www.jeffreymorgenthaler.com/michelada/, but for me, you find the best Michelada in the world in Nicaragua,

Is the perfect brunch cocktail. Some others use it as a hangover cure, but I think is the best way to start a night. A michelada before a meal?! Oh yes please!

So without further ado, here is my recipe:

Michelada Mix:

4 Parts lime juice

2 Parts Worcester sauce

0.5 parts hot sauce (I use Valentina)

Salt and pepper.

Mix all the ingredients together. Set aside.

The Michelada:

1 oz Michelada mix

6 oz Beer

Fill a tall glass with ice (I like crushed ice). Pour 1 oz of Michelada mix and fill up with the beer of your choice. PBR works great here but if I’m in Nicaragua I will choose Victoria classica.

As a bonus, you can rim the glass with Tajino seasoning for an extra kick.

Harvey Mayorga